The Art of the Push-Up

By Mike Miller.

The push-up is an amazing collaboration of contractions and expansions of a few muscle groups with hundreds of different muscles. This movement can arguably be the widest range exercise available at the home and even in the gym. A spectacular addition to the push-up is how many variations can be done to work out a wide range of muscles. For example, while in push-up formation you can adjust the distance your hands are apart as well as the direction your palms are facing. Each of the variations can work a different muscle region. Also, a great thing about the push-up is that they can be done quickly, making it easy to complete a morning routine or a before bed overnight calorie burner.

Firstly, let us talk about the variations. As many of you probably know, there are few types of push-ups.

  • The Diamond
  • Wide Grip
  • Palms Facing Out
  • Palms Facing In

Diamond push-ups work the triceps’ and the middle of the chest. This type of push-up is the most beneficial, because the triceps are the largest muscle in the arm and the inside pectoral muscles can add aesthetic galore to any physique. The second push-up exercise is the wide grip style, which focuses primarily the outside of the pectoral where your arm pits are. One can also face the palms outside or inside, exercising the shoulders as well as the chest.

Secondly, push-ups work the upper body directly. However, the abs and back are stressed when doing the exercise creating strength in both of those regions. A person can effectively have an ab workout when doing their push-up routine. The push-up is a great exercise to do before going to bed as well. Since our bodies burn calories and heal while we sleep, the pump from the workout can help get rid of the food that was eaten at dinner or even better transfer the proteins and fats into muscle building and healing compounds.

I really enjoy push-ups and, while at the gym, I will do push-ups in between sets to get some ripping and tearing in. Remember to experiment with the style that you like so you can better work your body and make sure to have fun with it. Set daily goals for a push-up routine and stick with it. Also, pump some push-ups out before bed it will help burn off the dinner and excess calories for the day. Another way of weight moderation is to do sets of push-ups throughout the work day.

I hope this is an insight to the world of exercise and how much a very simple movement is yet very complex.