The Movember Challenge

By David Michael Newstead.

This month, a friend and I grew out our facial hair to mark Movember 2014. Whether this was a competition, a personal challenge, or just something to do, I can’t say for sure.

Who grew it better?

Because Movember is all about raising awareness for men’s health, maybe everyone’s a winner. Regardless, everyone ended up with some facial hair and that’s not so bad either…

For myself, the month featured two strangers asking me if I was Middle Eastern. Another woman told me my beard looked smoldering. And a co-worker asked if I was participating in Manvember. Then, I signed and explained “…That’s not what it’s called…” half-embarrassed.

For my friend, A.M. Settineri, nothing particularly interesting happened, except for one day when someone yelled, “Hey, Freddie Mercury!” at him and at his moustache.

All and all, I’m looking forward to shaving tomorrow and finally being done with Movember. I want my regular face back. But in the meantime, here are some before and after shots for your viewing pleasure and for a lasting reminder about the importance of men’s health.

A.M. Settineri – Before & After

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David Michael Newstead – Before & After