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By David Michael Newstead. Blog9

The first year of Philosophy of Shaving has been a great opportunity – to discuss, explore, and to be creative. I’m proud of the work and I look forward to writing more, further developing this project overtime. In 2014, that included things like a straight-razor shave in Morocco, an examination of the lives of Sikhs in America, and a haircut at the U.S. Senate. There were book reviews, interviews, and personal pieces. I’ve tried to incorporate guest contributions as well as interesting images, videos, and music. At times, the blog has touched on turbulent current events. And on other occasions, I talk about things that happened a long time ago. To me, the real advantage in writing about masculinity is that it’s inherently related to so many other subjects – topics that are casual and those that are very serious. I want this blog to be a worthwhile combination of the two. I want to put forth a unique and engaging perspective that draws from the best that masculinity has to offer, while at the same time being willing to delve into the harsh reality. This book is the culmination of those efforts to date – a collection of select blog entries from throughout 2014. I hope that you enjoy reading it, because I enjoyed writing it.

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