By David Michael Newstead.

When asked to describe the state of the world’s fathers in one word, panelists said that fatherhood around the world was: hopeful, challenging, underestimated, improving, and changing. But for more expansive statements from the recent release of the State of the World’s Fathers report, check out some of the interesting highlights below.

I hadn’t understood that one of the great joys of becoming a mother was watching my husband become a father.
Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation

One of those policies and practices that this report advocates for and that I couldn’t agree with more strongly is having more paid paternity leave.
Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation

It matters that men discuss with their peers what is the essence of being a man, so that destructive versions of masculinity are subverted and replaced with a manliness that is large enough to discard violence and domination and deep enough to encompass tenderness and vulnerability.
Kate Gilmore, Deputy Executive Director of UNFPA

The heterosexual majority of the world could even learn quite a bit form same-sex couples, which studies show, and we cite those here as well, actually have gotten over the baggage of what men are supposed to do and what women are supposed to do a lot sooner than heterosexual couples have, for very good reason. … We have something to learn as heterosexual families from what same-sex partners and parents have learned a long time ago.
Gary Barker, International Director of Promundo

Caregiving is not a male thing or a female thing, but it is quite a human thing.
Gary Barker, International Director of Promundo

Violence breeds violence. So, a non-violent father is extremely important not only to protect children from violence, but also for children’s education and children’s health.
Lena Karlsson, Director of the Child Protection Initiative at Save the Children

Engaging with men is a long, life process.
Giselle Carino, Deputy Regional Director of International Planned Parenthood

If I had one wish, promoting positive construction of masculinity could actually be enough to dramatically increase the rate of progress.
Yannick Glemarec, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women

There’s nothing more powerful than a role model.
Michael Sneed, Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs at Johnson & Johnson