By David Michael Newstead.

Even if you’ve never heard of zTailors, you’re already familiar with it. That’s because the founder of zTailors also founded Men’s Wearhouse forty years ago. And for much of that time, you probably saw George Zimmer in TV commercials declaring “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it!” But in 2013, he was ousted as the CEO of Men’s Wearhouse after a power struggle with the company’s board of directors. Skip ahead to June 2015 and George Zimmer recently launched his new business venture, zTailors – basically an Uber for tailors or “a unique service that offers mobile, on-demand tailoring” if you prefer marketing speak.

The way this theoretically works is a customer makes an appointment, an experienced tailor comes by their home or office, and the customer gets his or her clothes back within a week thanks to free pickup and free delivery. That includes a wide range of alteration services for both men’s and women’s clothing, which usually runs $15 to $20. But other alterations can cost $50 or more and the tailors themselves must have at least five years of experience in their craft.

Now when I first learned about all this, I was intrigued. So, I thought I’d give it a try. I also happened to be motivated by the fact that I had just torn one of my dress shirts, so all the more reason really! And I have to say, using zTailors was a pretty good experience for me. I made an appointment. A tailor dropped by my house over the weekend. He was friendly and answered my questions. And I got my shirt back a few days later.

In the interest of being a discerning customer though, here are a few notable pros and cons.


  • You typically have to book appointments two or three days in advance. Admittedly, this isn’t a big deal in most cases. But if you were having some sort of fashion emergency before a big presentation or a formal event, zTailors is not the equivalent of clothing 9-1-1. That’s because you also won’t get your clothing back until a few days later as well.
  • Obviously, the more rural the location the less likely there is a tailor near you, much less a small army of them. The zTailors website allows you to search by zip code and it was hit or miss for places I’ve lived over the years.


  • You can always pay with a credit or debit card.
  • No brick-and-mortar store means prices are more affordable.
  • Seasoned expertise from tailoring professionals can add a lot to your wardrobe and allows you to customize and get better fitting clothes.
  • Free pickup and delivery! It’s hard to quantify the convenience and flexibility of free pickup and free delivery to your home or office, but the fact is you don’t have to go run yet another errand across town.

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