By David Michael Newstead. 

This is just an anecdote really. A follow-up to a post from the beginning of August. In it, I opened by talking about this specific shirt from H&M that’s all over the place and how I frequently run into other guys wearing it on the same day as me, among other observations.

Skip ahead to this week and a coworker of mine returned from an international trip with his wife, stopping in Austria and Turkey. Now while he was in Austria, my coworker crossed the border to visit Munich, Germany. And the two of them went on a tour of a very old church in the city. He told me that they climbed to the high point of this cathedral overlooking Munich. The view was spectacular, he explained. The trip was amazing. And standing there on top of a church in Germany, my coworker turned to leave. And directly behind him was a man wearing that same H&M shirt!

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