Reflections in a Black Mirror

By David Michael Newstead. 

Last winter, I was aimlessly searching on Netflix and I ended up watching the British sci-fi series, Black Mirror. Now, binging on this critically acclaimed show didn’t take long since there are only seven episodes. That said, each episode has a separate story and cast of characters that I started to describe to people as the Twilight Zone plus smartphones. The series speculates about a not-too-distant future where the internet, mobile technology, and social media influence our society in unexpected and sometimes frightening ways.


Romantic Relationships.

Political Scandals.

Crime and Punishment.

To be honest, I didn’t like everything about the show since things get pretty dark and weird at times. But even then, the story being presented to me was disturbingly believable. And that’s what made me stop to think. The modern world is so new and yet to be determined. The old way of doing literally everything is being uprooted and what better avenue for understanding that phenomenon than through science fiction? For me, watching episodes like “Fifteen Million Merits” or “Be Right Back” really struck a chord. And when you think about it, reality is starting to look a lot more like a sci-fi show anyway.

Last month, Netflix announced a new season of Black Mirror was in the works. Stay tuned for more.