What is Toxic Masculinity?

By David Michael Newstead.

It’s not especially complicated, I guess. Toxic Masculinity involves men harming others and often harming themselves. The most obvious examples are serious and widespread: sexual assault, harassment, suicide, and acts of violence. But more subtle examples are also pervasive in our society. These are habits we associate with being “manly” that are, in fact, detrimental to an individual. For men, that could mean what we eat, how much we drink, substance abuse, or other lifestyle choices that overtime can cause serious damage. For instance, I’ve had more than one friend admit without being asked that they didn’t believe they would live passed the age of 50, because of their unhealthy lifestyles. So if we associate manhood with stoicism and repressed emotions, to conform to this many men will basically drink themselves to death as a way to deal with their feelings. And that is an example of Toxic Masculinity.