Observations from around the City

By David Michael Newstead.

Walking around, you get these glimpses into other people’s lives. Brief snapshots. And for whatever reason, these things made an impression on me. There’s the homeless guy on the corner who neatly sweeps the sidewalk around where he lives. There’s the old repairman who keeps an enormous academic book in his tool bag to read just for fun on his breaks. Then, there are the Muslim girls who use their hijabs to hold their smartphones in place while they walk and talk. Every day, a pack of old dudes religiously plays chess in the park, relocating to a nearby Starbucks when it’s too cold outside. And in-between the people you meet, there’s the city itself: nice and new in some parts, old and forgotten in others with gnarly graffiti crawling up the walls. There’s the colorful artwork on the side of a food truck that never seems to drive anywhere. And storefronts that we built before my parents were born. Sometimes, it’s all worth taking note of.