Top Five Politicians with Facial Hair 2018

By David Michael Newstead.

5. Jeremy Corbyn – Still in opposition, British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has strengthened his position within his party. But while he inspires committed support from left-wing voters and activists, Corbyn also seems perpetually dogged by controversies.

4. Mohammed bin Salman – Mohammed bin Salman was appointed to be the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the middle of 2017. Since then, he has pushed for major reforms in Saudi society such as lifting the ban on women driving. And at age 32, he could conceivably lead the kingdom for decades once he ascends to the throne.

3. Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India since 2014, Modi is a Hindu Nationalist and heads the most populous democracy on Earth.

2. Raul Castro – Cuban President Raul Castro will step down on April 19, 2018, ending the Castro family’s six decades in power. And while the Communist Party will retain its control of the country, the pace of political change is likely to increase in the years to come, especially with the Castro brothers out of the picture.

1. John Bolton – A controversial neoconservative hawk and advocate of regime change, Bolton was recently appointed to be President Trump’s new National Security Adviser.

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