There are No Ties in the Future

By David Michael Newstead.

In movies, depictions of the future range from the utopian to the post-apocalyptic, but they usually have one thing in common. It’s never really addressed, but it’s there. In the future, there are no ties. Oh, there are plenty of Nehru jackets in the future. Or you might see someone wearing a stylish full body jumpsuit, for instance. But you won’t find a person in a tie. Depending on what sci-fi film you’re watching, this usually goes in two directions. Either the future is so shitty and dystopian that everyone should consider themselves lucky to have a few tattered rags. Or the future is so sleek and efficient and advanced that we’ve apparently evolved beyond superfluous things like ties. Either way, the subtext is the same. Ties don’t have a practical function anymore and they are kind of old-fashioned like fedoras. Once a required article of clothing a century ago, many prominent businessmen no longer wear them a la Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and so on. But while ties have become increasingly rare in daily life, we’ve yet to embrace all those futuristic fashion options depicted on screen: the unisex jumpsuits, the robes, etc. So instead of Star Trek uniforms, the future might end up being way more casual. Then again, nothing says hopeless dystopia quite like an entire population in t-shirts.

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