Journalist Immigrant American Hero


By David Michael Newstead.

Superman mythology has a few key ingredients: Krypton, Kansas, Metropolis, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane. And while his adventures tend to change with the times, one thing is always consistent. The Man of Steel is a reporter at The Daily Planet. In fact, he’s so committed to journalism that he’s been working there for 80 years straight. If his catchphrase is any guide, Clark Kent fights for truth first and foremost. Justice and the American way? Those come later. Wearing the costume of a regular person, he gets up and goes to work: researching, writing, and investigating. For him, the action and adventure, however dramatic, are really the exception to his daily life. The less glamorous reality is that of a man living in a big city filled with villains. He has aging parents, a career-minded girlfriend, and a job at a newspaper. Created in the tumultuous world of the 1930s, maybe Superman’s chosen profession is no coincidence. Propaganda, prejudice, and villains of every description were abundant in 1938 and they couldn’t all be defeated in a fist fight. And in a time when democracy itself was on the line, the world needed heroes with or without capes. What they got was Clark Kent the immigrant, Superman the journalist, and Kal-El the American.