The Analog Type

By David Michael Newstead.

With social media and the entire digital world under more scrutiny than ever, take a moment to consider some alternatives.

The Story of a Thing

405c6b69ee874d3fcc0b3bd9a77f2299.jpgBy David Michael Newstead.

We form attachments to these objects: mixtapes, vinyl records, whatever. I have a typewriter. It means something to me. But it’s not as if I feel the same way about quill pens or stone tablets. Certain things just come with a story ready-made, an aesthetic that conjures up a time and a place and circumstance in our minds. The object is the story and the story is the object. For typewriters, that’s a hundred year narrative of some journalist or Hemingway type leaning over their desks as they write. At first, there’s a blank sheet of paper staring back at them. Then, the great American novel appears or God knows what is balled up and thrown in the trashcan. The same phenomenon happens with the ways we experience music and movies and other things. VHS tapes are a distinct story with a beginning, middle, and now an end. Sony Walkman. iPods. The list runs on for miles. And even when the objects finally vanish, which is inevitable, the stories linger because maybe it all meant something.

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