Postcard Flash Fiction #14

David Michael Newstead | The Philosophy of Shaving

Haruto Tanaka’s forcefield effortlessly deflected debris. It protected him and concealed him. Inside that energized sphere, he had learned to bend time itself. He could stroll through history like it was a public park. There, he found a long pathway with a beginning and an identifiable end. Fascinated by what he saw, Haruto walked to either extreme and through all points in between them. He stopped to observe wars he had only read about and to watch celestial formations he could’ve never imagined. Within that protective bubble, all time was laid out in front of him. But it was those same great distances that also disoriented him, blurring his senses. How long had he been inside this machine, he wondered. And would it be possible to simply exit from it? The more he thought, the more his memory seemed to fail him. While the atomic power at his disposable withered over eons’ worth of travel, Haruto sat down in confusion and tried to collect himself. The quantum physics that had once been so obvious to him were now impossible to hold onto inside his own mind. His invention seemed foreign to him all of a sudden. Its energy source appeared to be just a light emanating from the equipment he carried. And as that gradually dimmed, Haruto’s view grew darker and darker until he disappeared into time.


David Michael Newstead | The Philosophy of Shaving

Design: The Definitive Visual Guide is an experience across cultural history. This mammoth volume from the Smithsonian tracks the ordinary and the extraordinary items that populate the background of our lives. Chairs, lamps, telephones, cameras, posters, clocks, vases, radios, televisions, jewelry, kitchenware, book covers, music players, bicycles, the machines we write with, and more. But each relic from a bygone era has an identifiable point of origin, a designer, and a manufacturer from automobiles to iPhones. Throughout the book, you can visibly watch the emergence of new technologies, new materials, and new designs overtime as they’re incorporated into our society. There’s a progression. Trends and art movements evolve across decades. Culture changes the objects we own and vice versa. And in the end you’re left asking, what feelings are elicited by certain designs? And why?

The Typewriter Inheritance

Postcard Flash Fiction #13

David Michael Newstead | The Philosophy of Shaving

Atomic energy coursed through my veins, through my bones, inside every cell of my body. It was a disconcerting sensation unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Then, it was as if a door swung open on my view of the world. My DNA revealed a gateway across time, throughout centuries. My ancestors’ memories were now my memories. I could see them and all their experiences in my mind’s eye. I lived and felt decades past. And as the radiation levels surged, I watched myself fall further backwards in time. First, generations. Then, millennia. And eventually, eons! But now I could comprehend – there was no past or future. Just one simultaneous circle of existence. It was happening right now all around me, channeled through me like some biological prism. My god, it was incredible.